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Salute to Brittany and Lauren -

I would like to salute Brittany Maynard, Lauren Hill and all those who face the terrible prospect of terminal illness.

In case you have not heard, Brittany, at age 29 and a year after her marriage, was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer and was given a few months to live. She has valiantly lived the last remaining time of her life traveling and spending precious time with her family.

She and her husband moved to Oregon where assisted suicide is legal. Brittany had chosen assisted suicide after learning of the severe and disabling effects the disease has as it quickly progresses.

This last Saturday evening, her husband and mother with her, took medication that ended her life. She had been experiencing excruciating headaches, loss of memory, and other debilitating symptoms that had intensified to the point that she chose this time to end her life.

She was a brave woman and her example to the world will be remembered for a long time. I honor her for her strength and determination to take a stand for herself and for all others who suffer.

I know that God has blessed her in ways we cannot know, and I know that He has blessed us with her example and willingness to share her story.
Lauren Hill is a young woman who was also diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. Her dream was to play a college basketball game and her dream came true this week. She raised tens of thousands of dollars for cancer research with her story and the game. Lauren has only a few weeks, at most, to live.

There are two examples of terminally ill women who have chosen to use their disease to make a difference for many others who have and will experience devastating prognoses.

It reminds us that our time here is short, and whether we live a dramatic life – and death – or not, we still can choose to live it authentically, and realize that we have a purpose for being here. We have all chosen that purpose before we were born and, though most of us don’t remember what it is, we can still believe and know that the few years we live on this earth have so much more significance than what appears on the surface.

The most important thing is to love – love with abandon our families and friends, and others we know and don’t know.
To my friends, family, and fellow comrades who share this spiritual path, I salute you and am honored to know you.
Blessings to you and yours

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